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  K. Gunning  

Signing on with The Pad Picker in 2006 I wasn't sure what to expect. At the time there weren't many leasing companies willing or even able to assume operational responsibility for my recently acquired near derelict buildings in Downtown Dartmouth. From suspected illegal activities from an assumed commercial tenant, to several undesirable residential tenants (to put it mildly), Tim Nettle (president of The Pad Picker) and company have orchestrated a complete 180 for my properties that has exceeded my expectations.

Through sound project management of a near total building gut and rebuild, varied other projects in individual suites ranging from carpet and drywall to bathroom and kitchen upgrades, and ongoing upkeep for standard repairs and maintenance, The Pad Picker has delivered exceptional service by paying attention to capital and timeframe constraints. At their disposal has been a veritable network of qualified skilled labour capable of meeting the requirements of the multitude of projects Tim has overseen.

Now at the end of the major projects, better than anticipated rents are being generated from more suitable and stable tenants. Tim, I feel, is as frugal with my money as he would be with his own and understands the importance of proper management of my properties as a business asset. From Odille Nettle, now a VP at The Pad Picker, I have always received accurate and timely accounting of cashflows. The new leasing recruits, Lynn & Tammy, have delivered tenants expeditiously as natural turnover has occurred.

Overall, I continue to be surprised by the full level of service I am provided and I count myself fortunate to have selected The Pad Picker as my property management company. 


D. Dawood


Hire Tim Nettle and his team!

I own a small real estate investing company in Halifax. Tim Nettle of The Pad Picker manages our account. The Pad Picker was hired to manage our Triplex in Southdale, a House in Eastern Passage, a Fourplex close to the Hydrostone, and a Duplex on South Street. Since signing with The Pad Picker in 2008 our holdings have doubled, our buildings have been renovated to a livable standard, and our vacancy and bad debt is virtually nil.

Tim and his team have proven to be honest, reliable, professional, frugal, creative, and able to deal with any situation no matter the severity. Tim has demonstrated an excellent understanding of the rental market throughout the HRM, and is able to price and market properties to maximize return.

Our only regret is not having hired The Pad Picker sooner. I met Tim in 2006 at our Triplex in Southdale. The building was in awful condition and only fetched terrible tenants. Tim told me in no uncertain terms the marketability, building condition, area appeal and rental prospects for the building. I did not heed his advice and hired another management company who sugar coated the situation. The building continued to depreciate and the vacancy and bad debt climbed to over 50%. In the two years since hiring Tim and his team, the building has been upgraded, the vacancy has been nil, our bad debt has been recovered and our turnover is minimal.

I unreservedly recommend The Pad Picker to you. To date it has been a very good decision for our company. If you would like to discuss Tim and The Pad Picker please do not hesitate to call.

  M. A. Vlahos  

I'm writing this note to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding leasing services of Mr. Tim Nettle from The Pad Picker Rental Accommodation Service Inc. A family friend recommended his services to me after her property was successfully leased to a quality tenant by Tim. Although a suitable tenant was not obtained for my property within our 30 day listing agreement, I can say without hesitation or reservation that I am completely satisfied with the manner in which my property was brought to market and shown to prospective tenants.

The key point I wish to communicate to you is the thorough screening with which Tim and his assistant leasing agents c.omplete on each application. Their attention to the details in each application was remarkable. Through their extensive real estate industry contacts and experience they were able to reveal the true underlying qualities and weakness of each applicant.

Finally, I wish to say that I truly appreciated their timely and consistent follow up with me. Moreover, Tim took the time to explain the details and nuances of each applicant which gave me confidence and comfort with my decisions. I have no doubt that Tim and his staff would have eventually found a quality tenant for my property if I had given him and his staff a little more time. My departure to reside in another province necessitated a change in my direction and my desire to keep my property as a rental unit.

  K. Papasoff (Realtor)  
  I would like to personally thank-you for the teamwork that your group evidently displayed numerous times while I was in Halifax. This contributed to the renting of the premises. Tammy, Lynn, yourself, Billy Nash, O’Malley’s and Laurie Webber were fabulous. I spent a good portion of my holidays working but its mission accomplished. I would not have had such outstanding assistance from all these tradespeople if I had not been able to use your connections.  
  P. Orser  
  I hope you had a great holidays and I want to thank you again for all the work you did. You definetely made it easier. I would recommend your services to anyone looking to find a place in Halifax from out of town.  
  T. Xiong  

I am writing to you just let you know that my wife and I were very happy to see the repair and cleaning work done perfectly in our condo. I can see the cleaner and the maintenance guy worked very seriously, and thank you for arranging that.

We are very satisfied with your services, and feel very lucky having you managed our condo. We are very thankful for your job and your company.


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