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The Pad Picker offers:

  1. Experience - over 30 combined years of leasing thousands of properties.

  2. Communication - we respond quickly and avoid using voicemail as much as possible. Returning phone calls within 2 hours and emails within 2 days is our mandate.

  3. Availability - We are available every day of the week. Prospective tenants very often come for the weekend to find a place. We receive comments from them all the time that we are the only people to answer our phones while they are here house hunting. After awhile, they hang up after they hear recorded messages.

  4. Networking – we have good relations with many Realtors®. Many refer us to renters and landlords. Our thoroughness has also provided us many referrals from the general public.

  5. Signage – bright orange & black 24" x 24" signs. These colours are used by popular rental signs sold in stores and are associated with rentals. They really grab your attention. Take a look.

  6. Advertising – We have a large listing in the yellow pages with a video on the YP website. We are also on many other directory websites including Kijiji.

  7. Relocation Services – Over 10 years of residential leasing relocation for the military, large corporations and the general public who send in hundreds of Criteria forms each year detailing their needs for rental properties.

  8. Exclusive Listing – You get personalized service and focused attention on leasing your property(s). Most leasing agencies work on an Open Listing basis because they don't want the responsibility. We embrace your confidence in us and do not shy away from the task.



We will:

  1. Design and place an ad on Kijiji and other internet marketing sites. We re-insert the ad each week on Kijiji to make sure it is seen. No advertising costs for you unless you want to pay for premium ads.

  2. Place a detailed description and 20-30 pictures of your property on our website which receives 200+ hits per day.

  3. Place a sign in front of your property.

  4. Answer all inquiries and perform showings.

  5. Provide background & credit report from a licensed credit agency. Use experience to determine suitability & truthfulness of applicant for property.

  6. Prepare all lease documentation.

  7. Provide you or your property manager with the inspection form to go through the property with the tenant to do the in-going inspection. The rest is up to you unless you hire us to manage the property.

Contact Tim Nettle to receive more details.



Other investments like mutual funds and stocks are purchased and never thought of until you receive an annual statement or a call from your financial advisor. Income properties are investments that require a lot more attention. We will maintain your properties with due diligence to suit your goals and maximize the return on your investment.

Preventive maintenance is essential for protecting your property and retaining tenants. We will not manage a property for a client who does not believe in spending any money to protect and maintain their property. We perform bi-annual inspections to make sure small problems will not become bigger ones. The property lasts longer, retains its vallue, and tenants are happy!

Financial tracking and reporting is provided through Point 2 Property Manager (P2PM). Our staff enter all the data for your buildings' financials into this web accounting database. You can access the information any time you want and print a myriad of reports including Profit & Loss, Rent Rolls, and many others. We collect all receipts and invoices and send them to you on an annual basis along with income and trust account statements.

Obtaining quality tenants is obvious for protecting your investment, but keeping them is also important. We balance keeping the tenant happy with minimizing expenses to the owner. This can be a very difficult situation so we try to do business with reasonable tenants and landlords.

We will go over your goals and objectives with you and tailor a property management service that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Fees start at 10% + HST of revenue and are negotiable based on type, volume, location, condition, and services required.

Contact Tammy Newell to receive more details.

Painting and Renovations

Every home requires preventive maintenance and ongoing improvements to keep up with new technologies. Whether it is painting, caulking, retrofitting or complete replacement. We can do it. Let us take a look at your property and make some recommendations. Make no mistake about it. You have to spend money on your property or it will fall apart. CMHC says that the average homeowner will spend 1% of the home's value each year on maintenance. Many people don't know what work is necessary so they either spend too much or not enough. For $95 + HST, we will have our maintenance staff do a no-obiligation assessment of your property and make recommendations of items you should repair or alter in the near future to prevent further damage. Leaving minor repairs until later can end up costing you thousands when complete replacement becomes necessary by your neglect. You can do the work yourself or have us do it. Call before it is too late!!!

Contact Michael Hood to receive more details and a free quotation.


This service is only for properties we are actively managing and trying to rent. We will inspect your vacant property as often as your insurance company requires it. Please check with the insurance company and ask for their requirements in writing. A basic inspection for insurance requirements of vacant properties will cost $30.00* per visit in GREEN area, $40.00* per visit in RED area, and $50.00* in blue area (including mileage) as per the area map :  

Vacant Service Map

We can provide a dated and detailed checklist report of each visit so there will be evidence should a claim be required. This is an additional $15 per visit.

This service is only for properties we manage, but we will consider properties we do not manage on a case by case basis. Please contact Tim Nettle for information.

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