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In 1993, Tim Nettle created The Pad Picker to help tenants search for the perfect pad. The search for a rental property in the Halifax-Dartmouth area is more daunting today than it has ever been for the following reasons:

  • an onslaught of investors flooding the market with new and converted rental properties;

  • more leasing/rental agencies;

  • many websites offering searchable databases;

  • the number of large apartment complexes changing ownership;

  • the current high vacancy rate.

We are now offering 2 tiers of service for tenants (Full and Advisory Relocation) so we can help more people sort through all the marketing ploys to find the best rental property for them. Since the likelihood of finding the “perfect pad” is slim (we all want a castle for the price of a cabin), we now focus on finding the best option available at the time. People tend to settle for less when they are doing the searching themselves because:

  • they get tired of looking;

  • are not aware of all the possibilities;

  • are overwhelmed with the amount of work & time involved.

Look over our Relocation Services and choose the one that suits you best. You can always upgrade to Full service from Advisory if you find you don’t have the time you thought you would have to look.


We want to help you get settled!





The industry of real estate management is completely unregulated leaving landlords vulnerable to unqualified and unscrupulous leasing and property management agencies that can survive because of the high demand and sheer number of small landlords requiring these services. In recognition of this, we expanded our services in 1995 to include full Property Management & Leasing for landlords of small buildings under 20 units, especially single family homes. Very often we are managing the “family” or “dream” home that our clients want to live in again someday. There is more emotional attachment to these properties than the casual real estate investor would exhibit, so we know the owners will want to maintain the property to a higher standard. Since we have high standards, these landlords are ideally matched to our service. We focus on developing long term relationships with competence, diligence, and honesty, so we can be assured of repeat business and referrals. We offer the only Exclusive Leasing service in Halifax so you know we are working on leasing your property. Our Property Management service is flexible according to your needs. We offer the only bi-annual Preventive Maintenance Inspection program that will save on large repairs, multiple trips for little repairs, and keeps the tenants happy.


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