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PROPERTY MGMT Kaylee Wallage Assistant Property Manager 902-877-7922
LEASING & LISTING INQUIRIES Tammy Newell Leasing & Listing Agent 902-209-5115
RENOVATIONS & PAINTING Michael Hood Maintenance Manager 902-489-7237
ADMINISTRATION Tanya Woffenden Property Administrator 902-431-7237 ext 5
ADMINISTRATION Odille Nettle Vice President/Accounting 902-431-7237 ext 5
ADMINISTRATION Tim Nettle President/Senior Property Manager 902-431-7237 ext 6
EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE URGENT ONLY Duty Maintenance 902-431-7237 ext 3


The above number goes to 2 staff members cell phones. If you have an emergency and do not get someone right away,
please call our back up numbers in succession of:   902-489-7237, 902-877-7922, 902-830-7425, 902-209-5115


If there is a fire or your safety is in danger, CALL 911.

If the lock on your door is not working or frozen, please ensure you have tried everything including lock de-icer, WD-40, pushing and pulling on the door while turning the key to ensure it is not something simple like the striker bolt rubbing on the latch. Wooden door frames swell and shrink throughout the year with changes in seasonal humidity levels.

If you are simply locked out of your home because you lost your keys and it is after midnight, you should consider finding another place to stay for the night and call us the next day. If we make a trip to your property after 6PM and it is a maintenance issue you are responsible for causing, the cost is $100 per hour for one of our staff and about $150-175 for a plumber plus HST. We do not want to deter you from calling us. We want you to understand your responsibilities and have as few surprises as possible.


MINOR MAINTENANCE Email, Fax or Write : Maintenance Department

To communicate minor maintenance, please email the full details. We record and accumulate these minor issues to be repaired during the Preventive Maintenance Inspections which occur twice per year, once in Spring & Fall. If we believe it warrants attention sooner, we will respond within 72 hours or immediately if serious enough.



Mailing Address

PO BOX 70014, RPO Cobequid
Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia

Fax: 902-431-2523


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